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Academia and law have changed dramatically in the last decade. More of the work has become part-time. For those who are working full-time, your workloads have increased exponentially. 

You have big goals you want to achieve regardless of the state of the industry. 

You want to achieve those goals healthy, sane, and excited. 

You DON'T want to feel like you dragged yourself across the finish line. 

I know what you're thinking. I left law, although I loved it, not just because I had a research question, but also because I saw myself having a heart attack at 40.


I built this biz in response to working part-time in academia and getting nowhere quickly. I built this biz so I could write my book knowing I wouldn't have institutional support. I love my biz because I can do all of these things (including parenting and helping a disabled parent) without running myself into the ground.

Sanity in the Midst of Insane Industries 

Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting can help you do just this! Achieve aligned personal and professional goals with me! 

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