That's When You Need an Editor

When you're working on academic articles, dissertations, and/or books, sometimes you've become so immersed in your project that it no longer makes sense.

You can't edit it anymore.

But the stakes are too high. 

You may need to submit your dissertation for graduation;

You may need to publish a journal article for the job market or tenure;

You may need to publish that book for tenure.

That's when you can rely on me. 

I edit academic writing, including journal articles, dissertations, and books for academic presses. Prior clients have published for Rutgers University Press.

I edit your work so you sound like the best version of you.

Are YOU ready to sound like the best version of you?

How Much Do You Charge?

So How Do We Start?

Fill out the form below, and then we'll  schedule a call  so I can get to know what is your project, what support you will need, how much time we have to work together, and to answer any questions you may have.