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Get a Life and Write

Are you ready to Get a Life and Write?

Are you ready to Get a Life and Write?

12 Weeks to Develop Your System and Structure for Academic Writing so You're Not Consumed by it.

Do you feel like every time you write, you are in battle because:

  • You are super productive one day, and accomplish nothing the next;
  • You either avoid your project or avoid people so you can make progress on it;
  • You're not meeting your personal and/or publisher deadlines;
  • You're unclear about when you should write, your writing pace, and how to make real progress on your work;
  • You're feeling guilty because you're not writing all the time?

You Don't Have to Go to War With Yourself to Write

With a personalized structure and system for writing, you can relaxedly complete dissertation/book chapters and/or journal articles without writing all of the time. You can write and have your life.

You KNOW that academia’s insistence that you write all of the time doesn’t work! You don’t make regular progress because you’re burnt out. You get too little sleep, too little exercise, and have little time for family and friends.

When? How much?

Registration is opens in:

  • January for the program running from February - May
  • May for the program running from June - August, and
  • September for the program running from October - December.

The price ranges from $825 - $2000 depending on the support you want and who is paying.

You can register for multiple semesters or an entire calendar year if you have a juicy project that requires more support over time. 

Registering for two semesters or a calendar year would provide automatic enrollment in all online or in person writing retreats. You get that much more time to GET. STUFF. DONE. 

Let's do a complementary informational call to figure this out!

Get a Life and Write helps you put writing in its place so you can do the rest of your life!


  • You will receive your copy of How to Write Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks and it works as a workbook and guide on each component part of writing. No more guess work about what you should be doing when you sit down to write.
  • You will have daily opportunities to troubleshoot challenges and celebrate your accomplishments in the private meeting space hosted on Slack.
  • Weekly group coaching that provides breakthroughs on where you get stuck, understand why the successes work and incorporate Belcher's work to create real transformation to your writing process.
  • Planning sessions that create a flexible roadmap of where you're headed with your project and how that aligns with your professional aspirations.
  • Members only site for recordings so if you saw/heard something that you want to revisit, it's always at your fingertips. You can always catch missed calls as well.
  • Individual coaching for time to build and tweak your writing practice. Strategize about what works for you, dump what doesn't but it will be your process.

Michelle Dionne Thompson


I am committed to working with women, just like you, so that you don't have to do your work and burn yourself out. I have seen women write with hospital visits, lack of sleep, and general malaise and end up hating the writing process. Your work is too important for that and I'm committed to supporting you do to this differently.


As a Sacred Depths Certified Coach, I specialize in helping writers make transformation that serve them for their professional lives.

"I signed up for Get a Life and Write because I rejected the notion that you need to work nonstop."

How does Get a Life and Write help you build your system for writing?

  • Once you are enrolled, we start with our weekly group calls that will give you a particular writing task to focus on for the week.
  • We then do your individual planning sessions so that we are clear about what you want to finish in twelve weeks and the mile markers for progress so you can tell you're moving along.
  • Your individual coaching sessions will assess where you are on your plan, what's working, what's not, and we will help strategize your next steps that can build your personalized structure and system for writing.

Clients in my program  have drafted three dissertation chapters over twelve weeks!

"The conversations we've had in the program while I was struggling were so helpful. Michelle could hear the questions I had, doesn't give into my panic, figure out the core of what needed to happen, work around the problem and move forward."


  • Is there a payment plan for this program? Absolutely! It can be as personalized as your writing program!
  • I don't want other people knowing I sought help . . . what do I do? All sessions and work in the Slack group and group calls are completely confidential. Participants who break confidence will be disinvited from the program because I wanted you to have the space to do what you need to do.
  • How do I know if this is right for me? Because you're tired of always thinking "I should be writing." You want to write and move on!
  • How much does it cost to Get a Life and Write? Costs range from $825 to $2000 over the twelve weeks depending on who is paying and what level of support you need. I help clients get their institutions to pay for it, so there are options

Twelve weeks. You can have your chapters drafted or an article ready to go to a journal. You can be that much closer to achieving YOUR academic goals sanely and sustainably!