Resistant Vision

Why Jamaica?

As a  child, I would have groaned at the prospect of going to Jamaica . . . again. Because we visited relatives, that meant a trip starting with long shopping days for food and goods for relatives, and when we arrived, it was always raining. That meant visiting relatives up a muddy hill.

But you know the parts of these trips that stuck with me the most? That time we went to Duns River Falls in Ocho Rios! Even my mother was in a bathing suit!

I'll never forget our visit to Boston, the home of jerk pork! It was the most delicious pork I had ever eaten!

I remember visiting a cousin who lived in Comfort Castle - she lived really near the Mooretown Maroon community where my grandmother grew up.

As an adult, I was fascinated with Jamaica's heritage of resistance during slavery. I was fascinated by slaves who ran away and built their communities during war.

I was fascinated by slaves who thought they would take over the island and divide it up amongst the enslaved the way they set things up in Africa.

And there is so much more!

The Cure for What Ails You

Regardless of what you do daily, do you feel discouraged, dull, and deflated? 

Do you feel like you can't hear your own thoughts?

Maybe in an atmosphere of unending negativity, you need to hear about something good that happened in this world.

Maybe you need to tap into your heritage, be it African heritage, Jamaican, Caribbean, part of the British Empire, or beyond.

Maybe you are a writer who desperately needs some uninterrupted chunk of time where you need not deal with your daily routines and hardened patterns that interrupt your writing flow?

Take some time to tune into what you want for yourself and your community. Develop a fresh perspective on what you can do in difficult times.

Write uninterrupted with your basic needs taken care of. Write with community and support. Get in your flow. Be fully in control of your time. Set up a communications blackout.

What is Resistant Vision and How Do You Get Some?

In the U.S., you are bombarded with the unending drumbeat about the society's meltdown and it seems like too much to handle.

Touring Jamaica's sites of resistance will provide you with the creative juice you need to do the social change you want to see at home, wherever that is.

In this day and age of non-stop political noise, we all have to get on with the business of life. Many of us visibly resist what our governments do, some of us quietly write about the solutions that will make our communities thrive and our lives go better. We all resist. 

We know that resistance without vision keeps us running in place. We use our resistant visions to move forward.

We can't keep these resistant visions to ourselves anymore. Writers have many solutions and we have to give them life outside the pages of our articles and books.

Many of you already are clear about it. As non-fiction writers and lawyers, you are keyed into it every single day.

Some of you are unsure.

You need some quiet time and some inspiration to find your resistant vision.

Jamaica Tour 2018

This tour is one way that you can tap into that resistant vision. Perhaps you need to nurture yours. During the second half of June 2018, we will be taking a tour of Jamaica's sites of resistance.

Jamaica was a nettlesome place during slavery. The enslaved often resisted and knew what societies they wanted to build. This sense of resistant vision carried through well after emancipation. 

If Jamaicas could build a resistant vision during slavery and emancipation, you can certainly do so now.

Resistant Vision Writing Retreat

The last few days of June allows women who write about resistance and societal change (in the broadest sense) and women who are resistant to writing their non-fiction narratives can gather in an exquisite all-inclusive resort to . . . 


Get started on your project without interruption. Continue your current one. You can do this with community and support, including coaching.


By clicking on the button below, you will get to learn more about either the tour, the writing retreat, or both!!

Don't waste time on sorting out YOUR resistant vision!