Resistant Vision


Is Your Daily Grind Sapping Your Raison D'Etre?

Has one man and his cronies kept you frozen in front of your television and social media? Has the non-stop drumbeat of bad news robbed you of focus and motivation for writing?

You have a big writing project that has serious prescriptions for social change that you cannot start, finish, or launch.

Are you struggling :

  • to get writing done consistently?
  • because your writing feels painful and slow?
  • because you feel like you're writing in a pressure cooker?

Do you feel like you need the inspiration and space to make the transformation of resistance and protestation to an unhealthy and unjust society into a concrete empowered version of lasting social change? 

Do you need the inspiration and space to create your resistant vision?

When we're unremittingly plugged into media, it can feel like, as global citizens, we are besieged by leaders who are dictators (or wannabes). As a result, we are collectively falling down a vortex. However, people have created changes in far worse circumstances than we are in.

If you unplugged yourself and pushed your boundaries, you could clarify your vision and pull yourself out of this vortex.

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Why Jamaica?

As a  child, I often groaned at the prospect of going to Jamaica . . . again. Because we visited relatives, that meant a trip starting with long shopping days for food and goods for relatives, and when we arrived, it was always raining. That meant visiting relatives up a muddy hill.

When classmates went to Jamaica, they had the vacations advertised on U.S. television - fun in the sun. Because we visited relatives, I didn't even want to tell them that we went.

Except for that time we went to Duns River Falls in Ocho Rios! Even my mother was in a bathing suit! We literally had fun in the sun! We could feel the warm waves of the Caribbean on our bodies.

I'll never forget our visit to Boston, the home of jerk pork! It was the most delicious pork I had ever eaten! My parents cooked Jamaican food all the time. I NEVER heard of this and never forgot the moist, spicy taste of the pork.

I remember visiting a cousin who lived in Comfort Castle - she lived really near the Mooretown Maroon community where my grandmother grew up. (Maroons were runaway slaves who were at war with the British. They won the war and their freedom before freedom was granted to the enslaved in the British Empire!) At the same time, I always wondered why we never went all the way to Mooretown. My mom spoke of it with such pride. I could never shake that question.

As an adult, I returned to Jamaica to try to answer the questions I had about Mooretown. I went back to taste jerk pork many times, always taking new people with me. And I could visit relatives and frolic on white sand beaches.

As an historian of Jamaican history, I will bring you to the sites of resistance, the food and music connected with them, and the white sand beaches to help you create your resistant vision. 

For example, Jamaica, during slavery and freedom, during colonization and independence, was a place where ordinary Jamaicans developed new visions that pushed the boundaries of what was possible for their society.

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Create Your Resistant Vision

Over ten (10) days, you will experience the products of Jamaican resistance for inspiration: the culture, the history, the food, and the music of Jamaica. Visit some of  Jamaica's main cities and the countryside including Montego Bay, Port Antonio, Boston, and Kingston. Enliven your senses to write better, leave the vortex, and create the world you want. Enliven your senses to harness your resistant vision.

Immerse yourself in another culture so that you can hear your thoughts about your own. Use that to connect with what your want for your communities, keep what you love, discard what is no longer useful.

For writers, to peel you from the television or your social media, over two and a half days, you will write in a resort based in Montego Bay with others, receive effective productivity tools and coaching, a daily structure, and downtime by the beach.

Walk away with an outline or draft of a chapter or outline upon completion. 

Walk away with your blueprint for social change

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