A Seven-Day Writing Challenge

Transitions are difficult.

The transition into a new semester is particularly difficult. It's hard to keep up your writing practice when everything else is changing.

Starting new habits, or restarting old ones is really difficult. Once you start, it's a lot easier to keep the momentum going.

Join Jo Van Every and Michelle Dionne Thompson, coaches who support academic writers for the 

Writing Through Transitions Writing Challenge.

This writing challenge will provide a supported re-entry into a sustainable writing practice. (A kick-start might be what you think you need, but we know that something gentler than a kick will be more effective.)

From September 10 - 17, 2019, you will:

  • Write at least half an hour each day you decide to write;
  • Write as many words per day as you want;
  • Start with a kickoff call to help you set our goal for the week and the writing parameters;
  • Have community based in a Slack group for support for when you're stuck;
  • Finish with a closing call so you can notice and celebrate your accomplishments over the week;
  • Work on your project; for just
  • $15.

Start the New Year with the structure and support you need to move your writing project forward.

“I’ve made huge strides thanks to this writing challenge. At the start I was so caught up in my perfectionism that I was paralysed. Now I’m doing something every day to progress the project and it feels good (well, sometimes less satisfactory than others, but I’ve learned that’s part of the process too).” - Writing Challenge Participant

In exchange, you will get:

  • help determining our most productive writing windows;
  • other people with whom you can write;
  • accountability; and
  • a sense of accomplishment because you get your writing DONE!

Other people who have done this challenge before have accomplished the following:

  • Figured out the most productive window for writing;
  • Almost finished a book proposal (!);
  • Stopped avoiding their writing project; and 
  • Actually set aside time to move their writing project forward.

When you click the button below, you will get to the registration page, and then you will receive a welcome packet that includes the link for the call, the link for the Slack group.

Then make sure you block September 10 - 17, 2019 on your calendar to get back into your writing chair!

“Well I survived week 1 of semester which had more than its share of timetabling errors and eccentric students to handle. Managed to find at least 30 minutes every day . . .” - Writing Challenge Participant

Jo and Michelle look forward to hearing from you! Go ahead and register NOW!