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Your Write Crew

Could you use Your Write Crew?

  • Are you a woman who is an academic writer?
  • Do you need to put writing in its place so it takes up less of your psyche and your time?
  • Does the pitter patter of your colleagues' and children's feet regularly undermine your ability to write?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the rest of your work so that you never get to write?
  • Is it hard to set boundaries around your time so you can't find the time to write?
  • Do you need a major boost to move your project forward? 

You can't continue to work this way because graduation, tenure, or promotion is on the line. You need to be able to set aside YOU time, time for you to connect with your project, get you out of your way, and move your project forward.

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"I want to create something like this at my institution!"

You could benefit from a concrete and specific place to show up monthly that allows you to set aside a specific chunk of time to write.

You could benefit from designating your writing priorities so the time you set aside is not wasted.

You could benefit from getting help  when you get distracted, stuck, and/or in a rut.

Your Write Crew Can Help


Your Write Crew provides

  • Monthly, day-long, online writing retreats. You will have a set-aside day and time to move your work forward.
  • One monthly coaching session, ideally at the retreat, to make sure you stay out of your way.
  • A Slack page for support and writing community between the monthly online writing retreats.
  • A writing log to clarify your goals and intentions before writing.
  • Additional reduced rate coaching should you need more support than is available in Your Write Crew.


"This afternoon I turned off the email and internet and  got in a good couple of hours on my book proposal which . . . I think is nearly ready to be submitted!"

Your Write Crew

Why does it work?

The Write Crew allows you to:

  • Write without anxiety, and with focus and direction because the writing gremlins won't distract you.
  • Get out of your way.
  • Progress on your project no matter the time of year.
  • Help make writing fun!

"This is a game changer for me - I have the project close to the front of my mind   so I don't get as much inertia and the fact that something happens beats a lot of the guilt demons!"

What's Your Investment?


The Write Crew is easily worth over $5000 per year! However, that is certainly not what you would pay. So what do you need to do?

  • A commitment to sticking with your crew for one year - because Rome wasn't built in a day, your project won't be either.
  • A commitment of $600/year OR
  • You can pay with a monthly subscription of $55/month.
  • There is an institutional rate.
  • The only other thing you need to commit to are your project and yourself!

Who is in Charge of Your Write Crew?

Michelle Dionne Thompson, JD, PhD

I am a true believer in social writing. When I thought I was going to step out onto the academic job market, it was with social writing that I could pull together not only a writing sample, but also a draft of an article for academic publication. I have encouraged academic writers to find their niche with other writers who understand how challenging it is to make the sausage and the particular challenges of writing.

I also am a true believer in coaching. I have seen how coaching has systematically moved me out of my way so I can achieve what I set out to do, be it in writing or in business. I love helping academics transform their personal and professional lives with this tool.

Your Write Crew pulls both of these components together for writing success.


"Having Michelle as my coach provided structure, accountability, and time for reflection."

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to attend each online writing retreat?

No, but payment will not be waived in a given month. Further, skipping retreats will not help you move your project forward, and that's what you want the most.

How do we access the online writing retreat?

Included with Your Write Crew is a Zoom room where we will meet for the monthly writing retreats. You can easily use it on your laptop, and if you download the app, you can use it on your tablet and/or phone. You can also call in by phone.

Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely! Monthly installments are $55/month. 

Will everything be confidential?

Coaching, as a resource, does not work if the content of sessions are not confidential. Further, I will not disclose the names of anyone is in Your Write Crew. Participants who breach the confidentiality of others in the group will be expelled.

Can I invite my writing buddies?

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of people who can participate!

What's Next?

Click on the button below and you will complete a form that provides all of the information we need to sign you up for Your Write Crew.

After that, you will receive a contract with the terms of participation outlined for your agreement.

Then you will receive an invoice either for the yearly rate, or for the monthly subscription rate, whichever you choose.

Finally, you will receive your welcome packet with information about the Zoom room for the online writing retreats and your Slack room.